Need Help for Troubleshooting in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox does not work with error troubleshooting and scripts errors are not working properly, troubleshooting, Mozilla Firefox has many new features and deals with bugs and instability Add-ons Manager makes any browsing Enables searching and installing extensions without pop-up boxes. Apart from this plug-in manager helps enable and disable third-party assistants.It provides an intuitive interface for overall and robust phishing and malware protection. With better download manager and streamlined password, the Mozilla download experience makes it more excitingBut facing Mozilla Browser issues is very common. Users do not have issues such as ‘Browser no response’ or script errors that make users difficult to browse or download. In this article, Mozilla users can find answers to their browser questions or problems.

Some common problems can be solved with simple troubleshooting, while for some problems the user has no control over solving the problem. Fix Firefox Error Firefox connection is not secure Provide best support services to your customers, your connection is not Firefox or more secure Some common issues for which the user is contacting the support team –

  • The browser has stopped responding
  • Firefox tabs are not working properly
  • Unable to display some web pages
  • Problems downloading files
  • Appearance displayed as ‘server not found’
  • The browser is working very slowly.
  • Empty pages were displayed in the browser tab
  • How to fix ‘no firefox response’ problem?
  • When the Firefox browser hangs it will stop responding. Check whether the crash was in safe mode or not. If the browser is not in safe mode, enable the browser in safe mode and then see if such a problem occurs. If the same problem is repeating itself, it is better to try a clean restore that browser functions will be installed in a new form.

need help troubleshooting

Follow the steps to enable Safe Mode in the browser –

  • Click on the menu and then select Restart with Add-on Disabled.

need help troubleshooting

  • A safe mode window will appear now. Press Start in safe mode

need help troubleshooting

need help troubleshooting

need help troubleshooting

  • Test for the problem when Firefox starts in safe mode

Contact Mozilla Firefox customer service, there is a problem switching to the Safe Mode feature. The user can help in troubleshooting all these issues and thus Mozilla Firefox technical support is available for 24 * 7 support.

Another alternative solution to solve the problem is to turn off hardware acceleration To do this, follow the steps –

  • Click on Menu followed by Options.
  • Select the Advanced panel and then move to the General tab.
  • Now un-check the option ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’
  • Click on menu and then Exit.
  • Restart the browser and now the user will be able to access the web pages.

The user can find it difficult to do all these troubleshooting and thus for assistance Mozilla Firefox Technical Support is available 24*7.

How to fix the problem of unresponsive script errors?

The script error message is displayed as ‘A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, need help troubleshooting or you can continue to see if the script will complete’. The reason behind displaying the error is to inform the user that a script is not working properly and the Firefox will hang if the problem is not fixed properly.

The solution of the problem is letting the script run longer. To tell Firefox to run the script longer follow the steps

  • Type about: config in the address bar and press Enter.
  • The warning page of about: config appears. To continue to about: config page, click ‘I accept the risk!’.
  • Search the preference ‘dom.max_script_run_time’ in the about: config page and double-click on it.
  • Type 20 in Enter integer value and press OK.

The error also occurs on a specific website and particular scripts can be blocked running on that website.

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