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Export Firefox Bookmarks-Firefox automatically creates a backup of your bookmarks and saves you the last 15 backups to keep it safe. This article describes how Firefox can restore your bookmarks created with automatic backups, how to save and restore your own backup files, and how to take your bookmarks to another computer

If your bookmarks are suddenly unavailable in Firefox, look for lost or missing bookmarks for troubleshooting information.
For more information about using bookmarks, see Create bookmark to save your favorite web pages

In the bookmark backup file name window that opens, select a location to save the file, which is named bookmarks- “date”. Jason by default Desktop is usually a good place, but it is easy to remember any place that will work.
Save Bookmarks json file Bookmarks Backup File Name Window will close and then you can close the Library window.
Restore from backup
Caution: Restoring bookmarks from backup will overwrite your current set bookers with the ones present in the backup file.
Click the bookmark button to open the Library window, select Bookmarks-29 and Show all bookmarks.
In the Library window, click the Import and Backup button, and then select Restore.

Choose the backup you want to restore

Dated entries are automatic backups
Choose file … lets you restore from manual backup (see above).
After choosing a backup, your bookmark of that file will be restored. Close the library window
Moving bookmarks to another computer

Using Firefox Sync

You can use Firefox Sync to move your bookmarks from one computer to another

Important: FireFox Sync automatically updates itself as a bookmark, so it does not provide a true backup service, nor does it use it as one.
Firefox Sync is the best way to keep your bookmarks export Firefox Bookmarks  (and other profile data) synchronized between all the computers you use, how do I set up sync on my computer? For more information and instructions for installing it.

Export Firefox Bookmarks -Using bookmark backup file

You can use a bookmark backup file from a computer and restore it to another computer. This is useful if you can not synchronize the bookmarks of two computers using sync for two reasons

The bookmark backup file can be either of a manual backup (see above) or the bookmark backup folder name that is located inside the Firefox profile folder, one of the automated dated backups.

Place a bookmark backup file on your transfer media Export Firefox Bookmarks  (for example a flash drive) and copy it to another computer’s desktop (or any location) You can later use the file described in the Restore … section, Firefox can restore the backup from the Library window.

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