Firefox Not Responding

firefox not responding

Solution for Mozilla Firefox Not Responding. Firefox has got no way of knowing the difference between a Web server not responding and just being slow. It has a couple of dumb guillotine-type cut-off mechanisms like dom max script runtime. Dom max chrome script runtime, which specify how long it is willing to wait before canceling the script. Any connection it might be waiting upon at the moment.

These sorts of mechanisms are very dangerous to use. For example, while buying an item on the Web, the online payment site may be slow to react, so Firefox will just cancel the script and connection with unknown results as regarding your bank account.

Firefox Not Responding

What I am trying to say is that getting rid of these “Script not responding” errors may be worse than the errors themselves. You might be better off using an extension like No Script to disallow all JavaScript on all websites you visit except for the ones you trust (or at least disallow third-party JavaScript). This is actually a defense mechanism that you and everyone should be using against drive-by-browser viruses.

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