How to Create Mozilla Firefox Profile?

Create a new Mozilla Firefox Profile

You can create an additional profile through the Mozilla Firefox Profile Manager while maintaining your originality, it is not only useful for different users but also useful for troubleshooting. You should not be removed from any existing profile, unless you are completely convinced that you will not need to get it again. If you have any issue with your current profile-

Then you can use your newly created additional profile in the same way, like import it into bookmarks immediately or move some basic / basic settings. While still able to return directly to its original profile. It is suggested that you stay behind from your old profile or export bookmarks, as a precaution, before going to the following steps

Below is a standard Firefox installation on the standard Windows operating system. If this does not apply to you, please see the profile manager.

If Firefox is open, then close it completely by choosing “File -> Exit”.

  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu (bottom left button) and then select ‘Run’. On Windows 7 or Vista, press “Window key + R” if you have not enabled the “Run Command” option for the Start menu.
  2. Enter Firefox.exe -P (i.e., Firefox Dot XA Space Hyphen P) and then click OK.

mozilla firefox profile

  • Click on the ‘Create Profile Firefox(button)’ – Select User Profile window that comes up.

mozilla firefox profile

  • Click on ‘Next’ in the ‘Create Profile Wizard’ window that appears above

mozilla firefox profile

  • Enter new profile name- Type a new name in the box and click on ‘FINISH’ Note: Unless you have read the warnings given under the custom profile location for Firefox, select “Choose folder …” Do not click on the button.

mozilla firefox profile

  • Clear the “Do not ask at startup” box so that it is unchecked (you can change it later) and click on the ‘Start Firefox’ box. Firefox starts with a new profile

mozilla firefox profile

Select Firefox – Go to User Profile window now it will show whenever you will start Firefox. If you decide that you do not want to see this window anymore. Check the ‘Do not ask at startup’ box if it appears next time. The last selected profile will automatically start when you start the next Firefox. You have to start the profile manager again to switch the profile.

Note: If you are creating a new profile for troubleshooting purposes, do not install an extension or theme for it. Also, remember that some extensions are installed globally (i.e., for all profiles) and you have to disable them in those add-ons manager.

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