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Mozilla Firefox has set itself apart from the contest since the beginning Firefox is an open source not-for-enterprise, which is built by its users and is available for anyone’s use. The browser was created not to make profits, but because its programmers thought that they can do better than their predecessors, Google and Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox Download, Firefox is a very active community of contributors, build extensions and user experience Improvement in.

  1. Go to  Firefox download page in any browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer

Install Firefox for Windows

2.Click the Free Download button to download the Firefox installer page will automatically recommend you the best version of Firefox. Alternatively, use this download link for the latest Firefox version.

For advanced option, The Firefox download page will automatically select the best available version of Firefox for your computer and if you need a complete, offline installer or if you need language and operating system, go to system and go to the languages Page for Firefox for Windows (32-bit) Firefox version or Windows 7 and above 64-bit operating system. Windows can view the 64-bit version (see this blog post for details).

  1. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Notification Bar will appear with the option to run the installer at the bottom of the page or save the file to your computer. Click Run to start the process.install firefox for windows
  2. For other browsers, you will have to save the Firefox installer on your computer first, then open the file you have downloaded.

Note:  Security Warning dialogue box will open, click Run.

install firefox for windows

3. After that, click on Install (we make this process as easy as possible).

install firefox for windows

Congratulations, you are installing Firefox!

4. Double click on the Firefox icon whenever you want to go online.

install firefox for windows

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