Privacy Policy

Your personal and sensitive information is valuable at Mozilla Fix Firefox Error. We take every measure to provide maximum security for the same. The Following policy discloses the procedures and measures undertaken by Fix FireFox Error. The protection of any data collected by Fix FireFox Error directly from you or on your behalf.

Information we collect

  • Contact information:┬áIncluding Name, Physical address, Home phone number, Cell phone number, E mail ID, any other information for identification (if necessary). The contact information gathered helps us to maintain a record and ease of communication for any essential contact attempt.
  • Device Information: Device make and model, Operating system, connectivity devices, Software information.Device information helps us determine computer issues faster and render quicker repair and other services.
  • Financial Information: Credit/Debit card information, any other details essential for payment in case credit/debit card is unusable. Financial information is sought if and only if any repair plan. The plan is chosen by you and you approve of the charge.

Channels of collecting information

  • Website: As a consumer, you can provide personal, device and financial information directly on the website at which is transferred to us using cookies and is limited to the amount of details you provide yourself. Instances wherein a consumer subscribes to services online on his own or through a chat support representative.
  • Telephone: FixFireFoxError would seek contact information and device information for all queries received inbound. FixFireFoxError will ask you to provide financial details only in case of a repair service plan are performed. The details including repair steps and charges applicable informed and explained prior to any attempt at obtaining any financial information.
  • Email: Contact information and certain device information can be sought through Email by FixFireFoxError in case of a repair requirement. FixFireFoxError will under no circumstance, attempt to obtain financial details through an email communication.

Information Sharing

Fix FireFox Error will not share any sensitive personal, Device or financial information (collected through web, phone or Email) with any third party sources or vendors, other than as mentioned below.

  • With your consent while making subscriptions or purchase from third party websites.
  • With affiliate companies of FixFireFoxError for rendering technical support.
  • In accordance with law, to comply with legal processes and lawful requests.
  • In case of acquisition/ merger or sales of the entire or part of business. Any such instance will be pre notified to you.

Information Security

FixFireFoxError is committed to maintain the sensitive data of the consumers secure and takes several measures within the organization and enables consumers to have equal control over the same.

  • Any information related to contact details and device information is accessed, updated only by the authorized technicians and our operations floor is a limited access zone. FixFireFoxError uses the most secure software to save information and stores it on a secure server, which is regularly monitored.
  • Financial Details are collected through secure phone lines and any details entered on the website are encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer) protocol.
  • No financial details are saved by FixFireFoxError after successful completion of a payment.
  • FixFireFoxError provides you with your personal account on the website to update modify or delete any information related to your Contact/Device details.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This policy may change from time to time at irregular intervals. In case of such updates you will have access to the last updated date. The policies preceding that date under archives. Any material policy that affects or changes our use of your personal information, the communication would be more direct on the website (notice on the home page of the website) and personal communication.

Opt-Out & Unsubscribe

We respect your privacy and give you an opportunity to opt-out of receiving announcements of certain information. Users may opt-out of receiving any or all communications from FixFireFoxError by contacting us at:

Phone: 1-855-969-1880

Questions about Privacy Policy

In case of further queries or clarifications, please write to us at [email protected]