Refund Policy

 FireFox Error Refund Policy

Any refund requests for “Incident Plans” and “Subscription Based Plans” will be liable for service charge deduction for specific form of service provided (Diagnostics, Repair and/or product charges). Incident Based Plan Refunds will be issued in the following scenarios:
Fix FireFox Error will be following the following policies in relation to any refund claims received at the end of the customer and/or in case FixFireFoxError issues a voluntary refund in case of non-resolution of the primary issue.

  • The Primary issue on the device is out of scope for FixFireFoxError technical help.
  • Reoccurrence of the identical problem within 7 days of case being closed as “Resolved”
  • In case of dual charges or discrepancy in the amounts on invoice and actual charge.

If our technical support has resolved one or more issues, the fees charged for subscription service will not be refunded. Its sole discretion of FixFireFoxError and on a case by case basis, refund can be issued of the charged fees after deducting charges for services provided to the subscriber.Subscription Based PlanRefunds will be issued in the following scenarios:

  • In case FixFireFoxError is unable to resolve a single issue within 30 days of subscription sign up date.
  • In case the customer does not own the device for which the subscription was purchased. The services cannot be transferred to any other device or peripheral.
  • In case of dual charges or discrepancy in the amounts on invoice and actual charge.
Any refunds issued will be strictly done after prorated deduction made for the days. During which the subscription was active and would not be subject to number of cases. Resolved during that time period. Fix FireFox Error doesn’t store any payment information and does not process any form of transaction without explicit consent from the account holder.You may move from a Quarterly/Annual plan to an incident based plan, and we would be able to accommodate your amount for any such move at the terms and conditions suggested to you by your account manager at that time.