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firefox downloadFirefox Download quick access to profile directory is a notable feature of the Troubleshooting Information page. Starting in Firefox 3.6, you can use about: support (directly) or go through “Help ->Troubleshooting Information”. Next step to,”Application Basics” section. You can click on a button to open the profile folder for the profile currently in use. Starting in Firefox 13, the “Reset Firefox to its default state” option lets you easily create a new Firefox profile. Migrate essential information of Firefox Download, also.Each section of the Troubleshooting Information page is describ below.

Give Firefox a tune up

Note: The “Reset Firefox to its default state” section was renamed “Give Firefox a tune up” and the “Reset Firefox” button was renamed “Refresh Firefox” in Firefox 35.

The top of the Troubleshooting Information page has a Refresh Firefox button that will automatically transfer important data such as bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, passwords, and form-fill data to a new Firefox profile. This feature also deletes the old profile from the Profile Manager and saves the contents of the old Firefox profile folder to the Desktop, in a folder named “Old Firefox Data”.

Firefox 48 and below: When multiple profiles exist, the Refresh option is only available in the “default” profile (e.g., the last profile started in the Profile Manager, which would be the profile that includes the line “Default=1” in the profiles.ini file). This option does not appear if you bypass the Profile Manager to start a non-default profile. This is fixed in Firefox 49.

Application Basics

  • Name and Version basic identification of your Mozilla product
  • User Agent is the user agent string reference providing more specific reference to developers and sites, the same information as you would see if you entered the following into the Error Console: JavaScript : alert (navigator. User Agent) Note: Starting in Firefox 16, only the major version number is shown (e.g., 16.0 instead of 16.0.1).
  • Profile Folder or Profile Directory (depending on OS and application version) contains a button labeled “Show Folder” (Windows) “Open Directory” (Linux) “Open Containing Folder” (Windows and Linux) or “Show in Finder” (Mac OS) that provides quick access to your profile folder.
  • Enabled Plugins provides a link to a separate about: plugins list; refer to the top of your own about: plugins list for references.
  • Build Configuration provides a link to a separate about: build config list
  • Crash Reports links to the about: crashes list of submitted crash reports
  • Memory Use links to about: memory to show memory usage

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