How to fix Firefox Redirects?

Fix Firefox redirects

How to Remove fix firefox redirects Browser Redirect Virus in Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox is not only one of the most used web browsers, but also one of the most favorite target of adware programs, browser redirect viruses, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and other computer viruses. It’s certainly very annoying to get unwanted browser redirect problem. But don’t worry! This article will explain how to get rid of browser redirect virus and you should be able to fix your problem in no time!

fix firefox redirects

Symptoms of Being Infected with Browser Redirect Virus

How can you know your browser redirect problem is a result of adware and spyware? Well, there are a few obvious symptoms telling that your computer may have been affected by adware and spyware, such as,

  • Ad banners appear with every web page you’re browsing.
  • You will get many sponsored ads when doing online searches and your searches are redirected to other websites.
  • Your default home page may be changed into another website without your permission.
  • Your default search engine is changed into another website without your permission.
  • Unknown add-ons are installed to your browser.
  • Web pages take more time to load.

If your computer has one of the above symptoms, it’s highly likely that your computer has been affected with adware or some kind of malicious programs that can escape the detection of your current installed antivirus and antispyware. But don’t worry! You can follow the removal instruction below to fix your browser redirect problem.

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