Mozilla Firefox Repair Tool Plans

Standard Troubleshooting Steps, Restart Firefox, Turn off Firefox completely: From the menu at the top of the Firefox window bar, select the file and then select Exit menu item, then restart your computer and start Firefox again.mozilla firefox repair tool

Clear cookies and cache

There are several problems with loading web pages, may be fixed by clearing Firefox’s cookies and cache.

To clear recent history windows, click the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History.

mozilla firefox repair tool

In the Time range to clear drop-down menu, select Everything

  • Click the arrow next to Details to display the list of items to clear, then select the following items
  • Cache
  • Cookies
  • Click Clear Now
  • Exit your browser
  • Clear Flash cookies

mozilla firefox repair tool

Further troubleshooting steps

If your problem does not get corrected in the steps above, keep following these instructions

Create a new profile

Corrupted profiles can cause various problems with Firefox. You can try to test a new profile if the problem is resolved, and if so, then your profile (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.) in a new profile Copy.

Important: Before you can start the Profile Manager, Firefox must be completely closed.

  • Exit Firefox. To close Firefox, at the top of the Firefox window, select the File menu, and then select Quit.
  •  In Terminal run: Firefox -Profile Manager
  1. If the Profile Manager window does not open, Firefox may have been running in the background, even though it was not visible. Close all instances of Firefox or restart the computer and then try again.
  2. If you are connected to another host, and the above is not working properly, run: Firefox -Profile Manager -no-remote
  • To start the Create Profile Wizard, click Create Profile… in the Profile Manager.
  •  Click next and enter the name of the profile. Use a profile name that is descriptive, such as your personal name. This name is not exposed on the Internet.
  • You can also choose where to store the profile, which is useful if you plan on exporting your data and settings to another computer or setup in the future. To choose its storage location on your system, click Choose Folder….
  •  To create the new profile, click Finish.
  • Click on the newly created profile in the Profile Manager and click Start Firefox.

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